Merit Me
"Merit Me is outstanding! This program will change your students attitudes to learning overnight!" IT Teacher
79% of users believe that students respond positively to Merit Me.
Result of a survey of 62 Merit Me users
"I think Merit Me is great!"
Head of Department
74% of users believe that Merit Me has a positive impact on student attainment in class. Result of a survey of 62 Merit Me users
What is Merit Me?
Merit Me is:
  • An interactive, online student reward system.
  • An online homework management system for staff, parents and students.
  • Born and bred in the education sector.
  • An easy way to encourage good classroom behaviour.
  • A modern way of improving school-parent communications.
  • Full of many other exciting features!
Student with raised hands
Encouraging good behaviour and helping to reinforce school ethos are just two of the advantages teachers experience from Merit Me. Presented with a simple-to-use interface and no complicated learning curve, teachers find themselves satisfyingly re-centred as the number one focus of this system. Designed around teachers, Merit Me provides per-class merit recording, parent-facing homework management and much more!
Senior Leadership
SLT and management staff also benefit greatly from the use of Merit Me. A wide collection of reports ensure that every activity in Merit Me can be analysed; from the merit history of a single student all the way through to a full data export including the scores of each student in each of their classes. Powerful reporting such as this allows the Merit Me system to stand as a framework for a fully-inclusive, school-wide student reward culture which positively reinforces a more enjoyable and productive school environment.
Parents & Students
Merit Me is all about the students. Merit Me exists to encourage and help students learn, achieve and thrive throughout their school life. From merit scores in the classroom to homework being viewable from home, Merit Me helps bring together modern technology in a way that is accessible and rewarding for students. Merit Me strives to improve parent involvement with real-time access to their son or daughter's data, making sure they know exactly how well their child is doing when it really matters.